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DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS/LATE FEES/RESCHEDULING A non-refundable 50% deposit must be made prior to the photoshoot cash or via: Accuity Scheduling (online platform where invoice is sent and paid) Our late fee applies after every 15 minutes ($30) If client wishes to add additional time, the cost will be $75.00 for 30 mins or $150 for the hour. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. All clients are expected to pay for their appointment immediately after the service has been provided in cash or through Accuity Scheduling You are aware if you cancel the day of your appointment or do a no call/no show you will be charged for the full amount of your service due to limited availability. If the client wants to reschedule, it must be done 5 days before the initial appointment date, failure to do so, will attract a rescheduling fee of $50 The client can reschedule via Accuity Scheduling or email. Rescheduling is only for a 30 day time-frame from when you cancelled. Your deposit will be transferred to your new date. After 30 days, you will be asked to re-book and re-submit a new deposit.

TURNAROUND TIMES ALL shoots must be booked at least 1 week in advance to assure studio availability! Please allow 1-2 WKS for turn around period. 24 hour express turnaround - $300 48 hour express turnaround - $200 72 hour express turnaround - $150 96 hour express turnaround - $100 A Pixieset link will be sent to your email 24-48 hours after the session to select the images you would like to be retouched/edited. The turnaround time STARTS once the images are selected and told to the photographer. Additional edited photos are $50.00 per photo

GENERAL Hair and Make up should be done prior to time of shooting Everyone is allowed 1 guest for their comfort. Guest must refrain from interfering with shoot. Additional guest photographed for graduation shoots will be charged $30 per person. Additional people photographed in studio shoot is $50 per person Clients are suggested to arrive 10-15 mins early so the session can start on time. A transportation fee of $1.50/mile is required for session that are 10 miles outside of Chicago, IL. Please inform me prior to paying deposit if this will apply to your session.

RAW IMAGES Raw Photos are considered intellectual property because they are the results of the photographer's creativity unless it is agreed otherwise. Under no circumstances will raw images be given out for sessions unless paid for. Raw Images are to be bought from the photographer for an additional cost of $25.00 per single photo The photographer is the copyright owner of the photos and has the right to post the pictures after final edit.

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