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Looking for coverage of a special personal milestone? Whether the event is in an intimate setting or a full-blown bash, we will be sure to make sure everybody is having a good time! We will catch the candids, details, guests, moments between friends and family. Depending on the size of your events, destination, number of hours and equipment needed - it will range anywhere from $150. You will receive ALL images from the event and we will host it on a custom link so that all of your guests have access to the photos and you can even have them upload photos of their own!


Looking for coverage of your next event? No matter the size or time of day, we have photographers who specialize in event photography and know how to handle all the factors involved. From your itinerary, volatile weather, lighting and any unforeseen variables that may come up - our photographers are experienced. Interacting with your staff and attendees professionally and making them feel comfortable is important to us. Depending on the size of your events, destination, number of hours, equipment needed and how many of our team we need to send - it will range anywhere from $100-$200 hourly. Whether you are looking for us to be discreet or interactive - contact by clicking here to send us an email!

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