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Looking to showcase your unique features and personality to your agent or clients? Or perhaps just need a refresh to your portfolio headshots?


We recommend this for seasoned actors/actresses who just need some quick & clean shots in the studio.

30 minutes In-Studio or On-Location for an additional $50 fee
2 Looks
Digital Gallery with Proofs from Session
3 Retouched images cropped to portfolio size request


We recommend this for new aspiring actors/actresses just starting out. This includes Character Type Actor Headshots. 

60 minutes In-Studio or On-Location for an additional $50 fee
Pre-Consultation (40 min)
On-Set Coaching & Expression Exercises
Unlimited Looks
Digital Gallery with Proofs from Session
5 Retouched images cropped to portfolio size request + Video Slate
Access to our agency database
Priority casting submissions for our client base


Upgrade to On-Location (Travel Fee within 25 mi. radius) 50
Additional Background color pull fee: 25
Sitting Fee for Additional Persons to same Package: 75
Additional hourly rate (overtime): 150
All images from session 250 or 10 per photo “as is”
Basic & Natural Retouching: 25 per photo  |  5 for 100 |  10 for 200 
Advanced, Graphic & Fashion Retouching: 45 per photo |  5 for 180 |  10 for 360
Expedited Editing Turnaround Fee: 12 hrs - add 50% | 24 hr - add 30% | 48 hr - add 20% | 72 hr - add 10%
Comp Card Design & 250 prints 300
Comp Card Design & 500 prints 400
Prints starting off at 0.50


Professional Makeup (Traditional or Airbrush) 150 Eyelashes Add-on 15
Professional Hair Styling Women 150
Professional Hair Styling Men 100
Custom Wigs 60-200
Custom Headpieces 60-200
Custom Tailoring/Alterations - 26-71.50


As your actor headshots photographer, I will guide you on set in terms of expressions, poses and wardrobe. It is important when preparing for your session that you select the package that best suits your current actor portfolio needs.


A go-to headshot for theatre actors especially, and a crucial tool for film and television actors as well who are aspiring to land more intense roles. Typically, we create dramatic actor headshots with intense shadows reminiscent of moody stage lighting. In terms of wardrobe, we recommend solid dark outfits and penetrating expressions that project confidence and poise. Avoid big smiles and laughter for these photos. We recommend these type of actor headshots for antagonist, villian, dark, sexy energy types of character - but also for powerful protagonist characters usually in action, sci-fi or fantasy films. So get ready to channel your inner hero, romantic lead, rogue lothario, authority figure, or villain!


Much more lighthearted, with none of the intense shadows. Flex your personality and don’t be afraid to lean into your quirks with these fun actor headshots. Bright or colorful outfits are appropriate. When in doubt, a smile or laughter works well, but consider throwing in confused, quizzical, or hamfisted “serious” expressions. The goal of these particular actor headshots are to showcase archetypes for example, the Dreamer, the Neurotic, the Innocent, the Anchor, the Rebel and more. Once you have established which one you would like to channel - your expressions should come more naturally now that you have a backstory for your character.


For commercials, actor headshot photographers try to strike a balance midway between dramatic and comedic headshots in terms of shadow intensity. The best expression for commercial work is “simple, neutral, and relaxed.” This is the disposition most casting directors want to see in commercial actor headshots — a blank, friendly, inoffensive canvas onto which viewers can project their own personalities. Wardrobe is usually clean, classic and solids (stay away from prints and polarizing styles). This way it can serve as a staple in your actor portfolio for an extended period unless your appearance changes drastically (hair, tattoos, body weight etc…)


Below are just some different categories of character types to inspire you for your actor portfolio session with us. It is important that you embody the type of characters and roles you aspire as an actor. Working as an actor photographer, I have found that wardrobe is extremely important to conveying your character and attributes to a more successful session and impactful portfolio.


When we think of the protagonist of most storylines, we picture sun-kissed, fresh, clean and innocent looking individuals who have an uncanny charm about them. Wardrobe should have a wholesome appeal with lighter and brighter colors. Layering is good to give a more youthful look. Actor should display kind, unassuming, approachable and charming expressions for this part of their actor portfolio.


When we think of powerful business characters, some of these roles come to mind: 

Criminal Justice: Lawyer, Police Officer, Detective, Judge
Journalism: Achorman, Broadcaster, Reporter
Medical Field: Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Doctor, Nurse, Surgeon
Education: School Principal, Teacher


When we think of the dynamics of a family, each member in the family tree they all play different supporting roles. From grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles  to children whether kids or adults - keep in mind based on your appearance which role makes the most sense for you. 

When we think of the parental, aunty and uncle roles they can range from workaholics, sarcastic types to more nurturing, fun and comical types. The authoritative figures can encompass parents who are more career-oriented so for these actor headshots we encourage more bright, playful and casual clothing to represent the more fun-loving soccer parents and relatives!

For grandparents, you can play a vast range of expressions from nurturing to more comical young-at-heart characters.


Ranging anywhere from villains, bullies and criminals - these type of characters need to showcase more of a dark energy. These dramatic actor headshots will look more moody and provocative in the eyes. Wardrobe should consist of dark turtlenecks, round or v neck crops and and a black leather jacket layered over is also highly recommended. Expressions should be very neutral, intimidating and more intense.


The Hero usually showcases a strong, relatable and average person who then transforms into a powerful and brilliant character in the story. Imagine superheroes in their human form, from Clark Kent, Kara Danvers to their superhero names such as Jessica Jones, Shuri and Black Widow. They all have certain things in common in their body language and expressions - powerful and poised. 

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